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JIO Trick To Get High Speed After 1 GB – How To Increase JIO Speed After 1 GB

Jio 1  GB limit bypass TrickIncrease speed after 1 GB and remove the per day limit with Increase speed technique that we have derived. You can easily Jio 1 GB limit remove with this method and it takes only a minute to implement it. The main key to jio 1gb bypass is the method that I’m going to write here. You need to follow each and every step over here in order to get the whole thing working properly. Keep this in mind that after doing this once, you will need to follow the same steps again when the Jio Speed limit resets. Its quite time-consuming but worth each and every second of it.

JIO Trick To Get High Speed After 1 GB – How To Increase JIO Speed After 1 GB

Reliance jio was quite a hit in the past few months and this year’s Happy New Year Plan limit remove is something we’ve all been searching for. But, lets be honest ! The last limits increased our data intake exponentially and now this limitation is not being enough for our appetites. Sources with direct knowledge of the development said Reliance Jio explained in detail how the new Happy New Year Offer cannot be termed as extension of the promotional offer as it was different from the inaugural Welcome Offer launched in early September.

Jio Has Introduced Free Unlimited 4G Internet On its launch With Jio Preview Offer But They Reduced Data Usage to 4GB/ Day in Jio Welcome Offer and More Decrease 1GB/Day in Jio Happy New Year Offer.

But Do’t you worry, because we’ve got exactly the thing you’ve been searching for. You you were willing to know that how to increase jio speed after jio data limit per day, then you are at the right place !

How To Get High Speed In JIo After 1 GB Limit

Jio speed reduced to 128kbps ? No Problem ! We’ve came to your rescue with the tutorial on how to get unlimited data on jio.  This will allow you exactly what it says. Just pay close attention to the important points here and you will be good to go ! 🙂

Method #1 To Remove New Year Offer and Get High Speed Net All The Time


How To Get High Speed After 1GB In Jio New Year (No Download)

his Trick Is Based On ipv4 and Ipv6 Changing at right Time Just Follow Below Steps Correctly

1.) First of All Just Go to Your Mobile settings  >> APN settings >> select JIONET apn >> Open It and  change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6

2) Click Save Button and Now start using Daily 1Gb (New Sim) or 4Gb (Jio Welcome Offer). use till it reaches around 700 MB.

3) Now Just After You complete 700 MB, Visit Youtube Website in PC and download 4-5 videos using IDM (Internet Download Manager)

4) Now your mobile data speed will reduce/stop before 100 MB remaining in 1GB / 4GB Daily quota According To Your Plan

5) Your Files Will Get Stopped At This Point Now Just try resuming download multiple times.

10) If your downloading start don’t stop It . If Not Then Just Follow Below Steps

11) Now Just go to Your Mobile settings  >> APN settings >> select JIONET apn >> Open It and  change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6 Only

12) Again Open youtube , browse For SomeTime and consume around 50-60 MB data and restart your device

13) again use google/facebook/youtube and consume around only up to 5-10MB.

 How to Get High Speed In Jio 4G SIM Card After 1 GB limt ?

14) Again Go to APN Setting & change APN protocol settings from ipv6 to ipv4/ipv6 (Like we did in First step)

15) Open IDM resume Your youtube video downloads. Now you are able to get real 4g speed now.

16) Coolz !!! you are done. now you can enjoy more than 1 GB data or 4GB DATA without any speed cap issue

17) You have successfully Bypassed Daily 1GB 4GB Data Limit as well as Speed Cap

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Method #2

If for some reason the first offer does not work out quite effectively then you can always swap to an alternate method to bypass Jio 1 GB limit in Happy New Year Offer.

You have to download a free VPN named as “Betternet”. It is available on play store and other sites, but its always safer to go on play store and directly search and download this application. It will allow you to surf through a virtual free gateway that will theoretically save you from reaching the bypass limit ever.

Download Betternet and Enjoy.

How To Remove Jio 1 GB Limit on MiFi or JioFi

Here is when things get trickier. If you want to get high speed after 1 gb in Reliance JIO MIfi or JioFi, you will need to follow these steps.

If you want to run internet on PC through MiFi/JioFi , just go to the chrome store and seach for Betternet extension. Install it on your Chrome Browser and you will be glad to know that it works way better and faster than the Phone version.

So that is all on How To Increase JIO Speed After 1 GB. If you liked this article, do share this with friends and let me know in case you are facing any issues while following these methods. I will help you for sure.

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