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+GET* Download Andy The Android Emulator Offline Installer FOR WIN/MAC

Andy Offline Installer Download : Emulators have became very popular these days. The whole concept of developing them was to give developers a way to test their programs on computer only. But few years later, even PC gamers and normal curious people started using them to run run various platform’s programs on their computers. Due to this, apps on pc are really common these days. In this article we will talking about How To Run Android Apps and Games on Computer, But that’s not the whole thing, I will also tell you about a great Android emulator, which is very underrated and better than Bluestacks and YouWave. Its Andy The Android Emulator & you probably don’t know about it as, we all know how popular Bluestacks is and that’s why people want to stick with it and never switch to other sorts of emulator programs. But that is not the way, people should understand that there are even great fruits outside, which are worth-trying and may better than theirs. Using  Andy, One can easily get all games and apps on their computer without any issue. Not all emulators have enough potential to run apps on PC without any glitch or an other issue. Emulators like YouWave and other paid ones are really money-wasting things as they don’t worth it at all. Many YouWave users have accepted that even Bluestacks gives better performance and more features than this paid guy. So, if you still gonna buy it, its upto you, but it lacks most of the great features that Andy gives you.

We will be updating this article on a regular basis, so that you can get the latest version of Andy the Android emulator every week ! We are also focusing on providing you with multiple services like Photoshop Graphics development and PHP development too. At the end of this article, tou will be provided with a chance to report your problems (in case you face while installing this) or you can also ask for a new tutorial or a software or simply, Anything !Download Andy The Android Emulator Offline Installer

An offline version will help you in many ways. Firstly, it will cut down the time it takes by an online installer to download the source files. And secondly, you can take the entire step of the whole program with you anytime, anywhere.

You probably know about the graphics card issue that often faced by Bluestacks users and requires a list of steps to get rid of it. Just like it, there are many more cons of using it, which won’t find on Andy. It has a very smooth interface which runs all kinds of android apps and games on PC without any lags or other issue. After installing it, you can even run an apk directly in your PC.

Features of Andy The Android Emulator Offline Download

Andy the Android emulator offline setup gives you a way to run all sorts of android programs in your own Computer. You just have to install it on your PC and after that your computer will start supporting apk files and you can run them directly just like that, there are many more features of this program.

Download Andy The Android Emulator Offline Installer

The image is from other site and I own no rights of it. By the way, here is my own list which I made with my personal experience. You can read this or simply skip to save your time. By the way, it have some really useful piece of information regarding the whole game of this emulators. You can see the drastic difference between Andy and others of its kinds. They are different by many ways. You can get much more on installing andy.


Here are my favorite things that I personally liked a lot after using this emulator. It is far better than Bluestacks in my opinion due to better visuals, faster interface and much more things. Here, I have broke it down for you guys to get an idea about this emulator.

  • You can easily run Android on PC using Andy emulator offline
  • the interface is very simple and even a kid can operate the whole thing without any issue
  • You won’t need any coding skills, or programming knowledge in order to run it
  • If you want, you can play Android games too.
  • AS the setup is offline, you can transfer it to any other Computer you want.

So thats about the features of andy the android emulator offline. After talking much about them, we are no ready to move towards our main gude and that is about the offline setup of Andy. Before moving ahead, I want to clear this that the setup is completely official and there is no third-party behind it and you can use in as much computers you want.

Benefits of running Android apps and games on PC

There are multiple reasons why running Android programs on PC will be a good idea. You won’t going to believe that this is actually better than using Android things on Smartphone. Phones are got fer get to going, but not always. Let me explain that to you logically now. No matter on which age we reach, we cannot get an era where Computers get less powerful as compared to portable devices. Fixed state Computers will always be better are are better today also.

  • You will see a great improve in overall performance as well as in other features
  • None of your apps or games will going to hang on this platform
  • No need to worry about heat or battery issues
  • A bigger and better screen of your Computer will double the entire experience
  • There will be no lags or poor performance-like thing
  • It is a blessing for all the developers, who wants to test their work without getting away from their Computers.

In that way, Apps will definitely going to run better in Computer as compared to Portable devices. You will see a far better performance on using  a computer for running Android things.  Almost no crashes, 0 Bugs, awesome performance and much more will make you understand about the thing. Also, you will be able to run apps like Clash Of Clans, WhatsApp and vidmate on your Computer.

How To Download Andy The Android Emulator Offline

Andy comes in an online installer, which takes ages to download and is not ideal at anyways. You can’t even transfer the setup if you install it online and it becomes a really hard thing to deal when you have multiple computers. Source files for this program are in a huge quantity and are of over 100 MBs. So, whenever you want to install it on any Computer, you will have to wait for 100 Mbs to get downloaded. To get rid of this, I’m giving you a link to install Andy Emulator Offline setup. You have click on this link and install it, after that you can use and transfer it to any one you want.


Here are the links that will directly take you to the download page of these softwares. Just click over the software that you want to download and get it from the site. If the links are dead, please report in the comment’s section. If there is more latest version available, do let me know in the comments section and I will bring that to an offline installer.

Note : People were Complaining that the Link was not working, So here is the Completely, clean Link without any surveys or ads. You can use them to get Andy Offline. After Downloading it, it becomes pretty straight forward. You need to double click on it in order to start installing it and then you have to wait until the installation completes.

Andy Offline Installer V43+Rootkit 3.5 (64 bit)

Andy Offline Installer V42 (32 bit)

Root Andy : Ro Root Andy Emulator, get Rootkit 3.5 

So that is how to install Andy The Android Emulator Offline. In case you face any issue while the installation, feel free to comment down your qurries bellow and I will reply to your comments within 48 hours. Also, if you want any more tutorials on Apps for PC, you check other articles here. If you liked this tutorial, make sure to like our Facebook page and also to share this site with your friends.

How is it better than others ?

Yo are probably wondering why this thing only, when there are tonnes of other emulators. I want to tell you guys that none of the rest have what this thing gives you for free. It is much faster than others and uses a special coding structure to test the things before emulating. You will be surprised after seeing its performance. It is far better than Bluestacks  and all others like it


Andy the Android emulator is one of the best of its kind and also features a very active Support group on FB. You can post your problems regarding the emulator there and will get a reply containing the solution soon either by some geek or from the employees of the Company. I have seen many threads regarding problems faced by Andy-users and most of them got solved within a day of posting. They did a really great thing by launching a Facebook support group instead of a forum-site.

Have a look on : TubeMate For PC Download

You can report anything about the installer if you want. If this installer have any problem in installing the software itself, then feel free to comment it down bellow and I will replace it as soon as possible. Please add a screenshot of your error too in the Comment’s section. If you face trouble in adding directly, you can easily upload it to somewhere and share the link over here.



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  1. Bro firstly very very thanks for this useful offline installer. I’ve one more problem facing since 3 Apr 2015 that no manual method working on IDM to block dialog box “Internet Download Manater has been registered with a fake Serial Number….” Although IDM has registered in IDM help +About IDM tab. I have also tried to downgrade to its old version v6.23b9, but problem is same.
    Please reply me at my email address and tell me your facebook page. Regards

    1. Sent a message to you on Facebook 🙂

    2. Yes bro you can get the problem..if you have tried to crack the Idm.with fake serial..the problem can’t be solve ever..but you have to reinstall it for one time use..bro keep it up..

  2. Hi brother,….

    I am using 64 bit windows-7 ultimate.
    Which is best for me to download and how…??

    1. Andy Offline Installer V43+Rootkit 3.5 (64 bit)
    2. Andy Offline Installer V42 (32 bit)

    Pls reply…

    1. 1st one, Bugfixes+smooth performance 🙂

    2. u can download 64 bit windows for your 7 ultimate

  3. Thanks a ton ! I was searching for these versions only !

  4. Dear thanks for your help to us all…………………But after downloading the big 500 plus mb software like this message comes atlast is about virtual bax and installation fails to complete 100{6fd500567308c675748f37447a60f29610009cdb54c7f64746a16fbb22aa7dd8} ………………i have this software but not working please suggest me sir


  5. Please send me the link of Andy Emulator for windows xp sp3 pack or send me the link for any other software like ANDY to run frequentally on WINDOWS XP SP3 ……………………………Thanks

    1. andy can also be ran on windows xp with the given specifications

  6. Please see this message if any body have any good idea about BLUESTACT SOFTWARE working fine and installing fine on WINDOWS XP SP3 PACK without giving the ERROR MESSAGE………………….Please if any body have this offline link of BLUESTACK for windows xp sp3 pack send on to my EMAIL ID Please


  7. thanksn super

  8. hey, im beginer.. please give me tutorial to install emu-software?? :3

    1. Hello !

      You can watch this :

      Its a complete Tutorial on Installing Andy the Android emulator.

  9. I installed andy but does not run. I read the instruction before installing that says enable virtualization on BIOS advance settings but nothing that pertains to virtualization was listed in my BIOS. what should i do?

    1. Which os are u using ?

        1. Im using windows 7 Ultimate. Does it have something to do with my PC build? Cause my computer is darn old school, has 1.86ghz core2duo processor, 2gb ram and freakin nvidia geforce 7600 gt. old school right? haha. well, i hope you can still help me out. if possible please just contact me at my facebook account. just search, Ray Alexander Rayla =)

        2. this is very verus in laptop

      1. Thanks by the way =)

        1. sorry, I did not see ur comment. have you tried fixing that bios isslue ?

      2. i have no android os please send me the andy for 32bit

        1. its there only, check back again !

          1. no…no…no

  10. Hi Why my download says 1 day left?

  11. Is there any application for Andy, like BS Tweaker for Bluestack?

  12. it will be very better if you will send me the andy offline installer v42 for 32bit for pc for xp

  13. Andy is not run my PC when I start he stop and say unable to launch VM process : the virtual machine Andy has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code -1073741819(0xc0000005)

    Sorry for my bad english

  14. When I tried to run andy in my pc it not start help me

    and say unable to launch vm process the virtua machine andy has terminated unexpectedly during setup with
    exit code -1073741819(0xc0000005)

  15. ANdy is not run my PC it say – unable to launch VM process the virtual machine Andy has terminated the unexpectedly during startup with exit code-1073741819(0xc0000005)
    Os-window 10 pro

  16. good i have VT-x but not running it is activated in bios i am running windows 7 64x please leave a reply

  17. what is the size of above installation files?

  18. You can check for bluestacks updates from within the bluestacks window. How does ANDY update itself ?? ANY idea ?

  19. Hi Brother,
    I hope find an answer here. i have installed Andy Emulator Offline and i want to test my android apps on android studio with this emulator, but when i click the run icon, the android studio can’t define Andy Emulator. How can i define it as my default android emulator ?!

    i am using windows 10 64-bit and the latest version of android studio 1.5.1

    Please Reply….

  20. hei……i know this app….is this offline…???
    What is the size of above installation files..???
    please help

  21. Does It Require Internet To Run The Apps?

  22. it is not work in my windows 8.1 laptop.

  23. Andy also works in Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, which I have – but here this is all for windows.
    I am most interested in how does one root Andy in a Linux system if the rootkit only has an EXE file and a bunch of other stuff…can anyone tell me, please ??


  24. please tell me steps to ROOT andy , a video will help better thanks ^^

  25. how to ROOT andy , please tell me the steps, A VIDEO will help me better
    thanks ^^

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  27. how to download it

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