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Trick* Install 2 Whatsapp Accounts On a Single Phone- Whatsapp Tricks 2016

Install 2 WhatsApp in 1 Phone easily ! Here is a really simple trick to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 phone within a minute. After reading this, you will be able to do that, there is nothing special in that and the whole thing is really easy. You don’t even need to root the device in order to achieve this state. Go ahead and have a look over all the points as mentioned here and you will be amazed how easy it is to do that. If you feel that some how after following this tutorial, Both of the whatsapp accounts starts behaving slow, then do as I say. Firstly, remove both of them. Now delete all the old messages from ES file explorer. Now install both back with this same trick. You do not need to follow this when both of the whatsapp accounts are working correctly. But in case you feel them slow, you need to do that what I said earlier.

All you need to have is a modified version of whatsapp to install 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone. It can be done on android and I already shared a way to do that on iPhone. You can check that for further info. But here, things are only reserved for Android users ! So let us get into it now.

Install 2 Whatsapp Accounts – Multiple Whatsapp

Here is the procedure of how to make account in whats up. And by installing means, 2 accounts.  Before getting into that part, you will need to backup Your previous WhatsApp DATA and that is really important in this procedure. Don’t worry, I’m showing you how to do that in the simplest way. Backing up is an IMP part because its directly connected to using two whatsapp in one phone. You will know how in a second.

  • In the  “Settings” panel of your WhatsApp Application, and click on “Chat Settings”. Then click over “Backup Chats” option. It will create a backup of your messages.


  • After doing that, go to your phone’s settings (not whatsApp) and in the app info of whatsapp, Clear all the data.



  • Go to “/SD Card/Whatsapp” folder and rename the folder with “OG WhatsApp”.
  • Now, uninstall the official Whatsapp application.


  • While installing it, you need to give your old number which you were already using in official whatsapp previously.
  • That’s it for the first account !

For the second account, Go to play store, install WhatsApp and Do all things normally. That is all !

So, as you can see the entire process is really easy and can be performed easily without having any issues. If you believe that I did any mistake in determining the steps and the, you can correct me for sure. Follow all the steps correctly and do let me know all the results down bellow in the comment’s section.

Updated: February 27, 2016 — 7:24 am

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