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WhatsApp For PC Download – Windows 7/8/10 Laptops & MAC

WhatsApp for PC Download
: This app is undoubtedly, the most powerful and widely used internet messenger and is loved by its users. It is basically a platform which allows its users to interact with the contacts via messaging now Voice too. You would be saying, why Am I telling such obvious things, but this article is not about that. In this Tutorial, I will let you know How To Download WhatsApp For PC. It is a great program, still no PC client for it is there. There is a web version, but it has its own limitations, like it cannot work on iPhone and it requires your Android to be connected to the internet, like that. It works on only chrome browser and hence its just a web version. But just think, how PC version can change the whole game. A computer’s powerful processing can easily enrich the whole user experience. With a powerful computer, there are less chances of lags, hangs and crashes. So, in this article, I will teach you How To Run WhatsApp on Computer or MAC. Just follow the Complete tutorial and you will surely be able to do that easily. I’m breaking down the whole method, which can’t find in any other site and I’m doing this for your ease, guys.

WhatsApp was launched back in 2009 and at that time no one supported it. It had a simple interface, like it have today and it used to support Android and Java phones. Gradually, the number of downloads started increasing and people started referring about this app to their fellow. After a few years, WhatsApp became a Billion dollar giant and that happened due its quality and great services that it gave to its users. Today, it is the most widely used messaging app in the whole world.

Follow all the steps as determined here and after that you will be able to run WhatsApp on Computer. You will need to have proper knowledge of few things like running apps on PC, otherwise you won’t be able to run that correctly. All the steps are mandatory and you cannot get the thing running on PC without following them. So, go ahead and follow all things and don’t miss even a single one of it in order to keep things safe and working.

Yocanso Download Attitude DP For WhatsApp


WhatsApp For PC Download

After installing this app, you will be able to send as many messages as you want to anyone in this world. You can even send photos, videos, audio and other files to anyone you want. And the best part is that, you don’t have to pay more than $1/year for using this service – and that’s how WhatsApp earns money to pay bills and buy cookies.

Features Of WhatsApp For PC Download | WhatsApp WhatsApp

WhatsApp became very popular in a very short span of time. It is due to the features it have. A number of other IMs gives the same features,  but WhatsApp was the first of its kind and hence gained more popularity than any other instant messenger and it currently has the highest interface. Also if we talk about the simplicity, no one can literally beat this application in that. You may say what is that special about this application, but there is something different in it, which makes more people use it than any other IM. After using it of a few minutes, you will be completely master in it as the whole controls and interface is super-simple and straight-forward.

  • It gives you a way to share your files, photos and videos with anyone in any part of the world
  • It has the largest user-base, chances of having your contacts in it are very high
  • After using it for a couple of minutes, anyone can master it as the interface is super-simple
  • You cannot compare it with others of its kind due to its smoothness and great performance
  • It encrypts the messages and data that you share within this application and hence, improves your privacy.
  • The whole enterprise has been bought by Facebook and is currently maintained by it only.
  • After becoming a Facebook Company, WhatsApp have more powerful servers and other resources, so you won’t have to worry about downtine or any other thing like that.
  • There are many internet messengers which goes down after handling a certain amount of real time traffic, but this thing can handle billions or messages in each second because of having ultra-high powered servers of Facebook.

After talking about all main features, we are ready to get to the point and teach you about Download WhatsApp apk For Computer or PC. Read each and every line if the tutorial carefully and do tell me in case you face any sort of issue. Ja Koum who invented this application had decided that this will be completely ad-free and will earn through the subscription plan only. No, the company have more than 700 million monthly active users which can reach a billion anytime. From this much huge user-base, WhatsApp Can earn really good from asking for a dollar from each.That is something which is not easily found these days. Some apps are available only on android while some only on windows. Whatsapp makes sure it is ready for all kinds of hardware and software. It is available for iOs, windows, blackberry and android. There are even older versions which could work on Symbian platforms aswell!

WhatsApp Inforgraphic

How To Download WhatsApp For PC Windows 7/8 & MAC

If you are still thinking how to do that, then your wait is over. I already told you that there is no official PC client for it, still you can run it on PC using a plan B. There are special programs called emulators. They are designed to run different platform’s programs in your Computer. The main purpose of developing a thing like that was to give developers a way to test their inventions on Computers. But soon it gone popular and today all more than 85 million users have Android emulator installed in their computers.

An offline installer is much much better than the online one as you can use it on as many computers as you want, no limits as it is a binary version. On the steps listed bellow, I’m putting a link to get it offline without even visiting the official site. But the file is completely official and there is no third-party behind it.

WE also talked about Droid4X in our previous articles. It is another great emulator that too can run Movie HD for Windows 7 easily without any issues.

Using this way, you can easily run WhatsApp on PC. This whole article was for teaching you guys about emulators and how you can run apps on your PC. If you have any doubts regarding download WhatsApp For PC, feel free to comment down bellow and I will reply them within 48 hours. You may face sluggishness in case you have a low-spec computer, but don’t worry about it. Just do a simple thing, clean the temporary files from your computer and also perform a registry clean process using some software. If it still lags, let me know in the comments and I will reply you very soon. Make sure to enter your email id on the comments’ section down bellow. I have realized that Andy Works better than Droid4X here and you can also use Bluestacks for it.


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