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Download Narendra Modi App , Official One – Not FAKE – Modi Apps

Note : If you are searching for Download Narendra Modi Official App , You are at the perfect place. Here we are going to mention the direct link that will allow you to do exactly that. The best thing about the app is that its completely free.

You guys may already know about the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Well, whether you know or not, it has brought attention to all programmers to make something to deal with it. That is the reason why you can download the official Modi Application in order to check the authenticity of notes you have.

Download Narendra Modi App , Official One - Not FAKE - Modi Apps

I will be providing the apk here so that you don’t have to visit play store. In fact, play store have officially removed app to deal with the spam happening all along with it. You can scroll down and download the whole thing easily, just with a simple click. Go ahead and do that. After downloading it, you might be asked to allow the permission to install from outer sources. If that happens, it signifies that the option is not enabled and you will have to visit the settings menu and have to enable that manually. But chances are of that happening are less because most of the mobile users have certain amount of knowledge that helps them to download this Modi App. One the crucial things that this app helps with is RAM management. Yes, it exponentially increases the usability by 49.60{6fd500567308c675748f37447a60f29610009cdb54c7f64746a16fbb22aa7dd8} in order to deal with lags and hangs.

few other things to keep in mind are that Apk uploaded here do have a reason. I could have taken a different route and linked the official play store link. But the reason why I haven’t did that and instead gone with a completely different path is because of the ban that play store put over the application. Otherwise, I always try ways to give maximum credits to the official developers. In this case, It was officially developed by Indian government. So, I will be sharing the link of Modi apps here so that you can grab the app easily.

Features of Narendra Modi Application

Here are few of the most importan features that this app lets you experience. I cannot put the whole list here because, it would create a huge mess here and will kill your guy’s time. In case you are wondering how its gonna do that, let me explain. By increasing the features I will also increase the amount of lines. In that way, it will take your time in scrolling while reaching to the download link.

  • Receive the latest news and updates
  • Attractive infographics that illustrate the work of the NDA government to transform India.
  • Exclusive opportunity to receive E-Mails & Messages directly from the PM.
  • ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the PM.
  • Exciting features that empower you to contribute towards making a positive difference in society.
  • Thoughtful forums where you can share your ideas, views and deliberate with a wide range of people.
  • Small Tasks, Big Satisfaction: Contribute & earn Badges through the to-do tasks.
  • Your chance to Interact with the PM & share Ideas & Suggestions.
  • Never miss out thoughts from PM Modi, read his Blogs.
  • Know more about PM Narendra Modi APP through unique insights in the Biography section.
  • Read about PM Modi’s Governance initiatives & achievements.
  • Learn more about PM Modi’s efforts augmenting India’s Global Recognition.
  • Know about how Good Governance is improving lives through Infographics
  • Receive personalised Birthday Greetings from the PM

Last but not the least, I would like to give credits to the official programmers behind the application – Sourabh Reddy and Prakash Chauhan. Because of them only, we are able to see the application and use it. One of the great things about this modi application is that it is official. Because of that only its getting that amount of coverage.

Download Narendra Modi App From Here Now !

Final words


There are plenty of Narendra modi apps available in play store, but there is a reason why this one is gold. With sleek design features, smarter background and cleverly-programmed structure, Modi application has all what needs to be called as the best app. It is currently trending a lot and I guess the feature list made it clear why.

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