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+GET* Download Hotstar For PC/Laptop & MAC Without Bluestacks [Windows 10/8]

Download Hotstar For PC with the official PC setup of Hotstar Live App that will allow you to run Hotstar on Computer. It works really better than the mobile version and is pretty convenient for those who don’t use smartphones often. Go ahead and read this guide completely in order to get the basic idea of this entire concept. You will be amazed by knowing the difference in performance in Computer and Mobile phone. Smartphones are less powerful as compared to Desktop and solid state Computer devices. That is why getting this on PC is a much better idea. You can easily watch you favorite shows and movies on your Mobile/Computer for free after downloading Hotstar for Computer. There are many reasons why this app has became such a big deal and not any one. You can see that it has got the highest amount of TVCs than any other of its kind. that is not the main reason, but still a big one. Also, in case you are wondering about the performance, I have explained it in detail in this article. Have a look on all of it and get the basic knowledge about things here.

You can now watch Live Cricket Matches From Your PC, No matter Where you are.

That’s Right ! Since, Indian Sports media want to make profit from Internet, they have now announced an online live broadcast system where people can watch live Cricket with hotstar for PC. Today : 15th march is IND Vs New Zealand T20. You can watch it all live on hotstar for PC. Go ahead and read the entire tutorial for more info about the whole thing. You will surely end up learning important things about this.

Hotstar For PC Download Is the most advanced live streaming application ever developed. It lets one to stream all popular TV channels on PC. The main purpose of developing it was to give people a way to watch ICC world Cup 2015, which people did. App is officially developed by star sports, which was the official broadcaster of this championship. Star did develop this thing in order to increase the overall revenue, which they did very beautifully. Hotstar got downloaded millions of times and Star generated lots of money through it. Monetizing application for money is the bets way to keep the app free, and because of that only hotstar is completely free of cost. In case you are wondering who pays for those ads, let me tell you. The whole plan is clean and Simple – Google gives apps ads from different advertisers. Then each ad gives a specific amount of money to the publisher or developer and Google keeps the 30{6fd500567308c675748f37447a60f29610009cdb54c7f64746a16fbb22aa7dd8} of the whole business and thus, creates profit for all. So, next time you use Hotstar or other live streaming app like it, keep this in mind that what role does ads play in order to make these programs free. There are also other applications in this category like Netflix, but it is not free. If we talk about Showbox, it does not worth it as it is too slow. Hotstar is not even free but is also faster than any other entertainment app. It works smoothly on both iOS and Android, and adjust the video or interface quality with the net speed you have. Suppose that you have a slow connection, it will automatically lower the quality so that you get the best speed you can. And it obviously increases the quality when you have a faster connection. One more great feature of it is that it uses less data compared others. Great HD videos too don’t burn more then 50-60 MBs, which is great. In case you are wondering how this app does that, it has a complete team of clever programmers behind it which is hired by Star. Those people works hard in order to make this application better and more powerful. This app was launched on the time of the cricket world cup 2015. Because of having a live stream option in it, it immediately got huge exposure and reached the million download mark within a few days only.

UPDATE: You can now watch all great matches and championships right on your PC using Hotstar  : It has been officially confirmed that most of the live Cricket matches will be available for stream on the Hotstar Application. You can also get it running live on this application. Post your views about this. AS I promised, I update this article on a regular basis. So, here it is. I have updated this with all sorts of latest data related to it. You can now achieve faster streaming speeds and watch your favourite movies for free even in low speed connections like 2 G. So, what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and get Hotstar for Windows 8 now ! You can also watch AIB’s show , which has been prepared exclusively for star areas. Go ahead and get this thing in order to watch all these things on your phone or PC for free. You may be wondering why is this thing is all-free. The reason is sponsorship. There are many sponsors who keeps it going for people of Hotstar to continue this service.

Hotstar Can also be used to watch different television shows on your phone and also Movies. There is rumor that nearby future it will also start supporting games and other entertainment things. This application was launched by star sports in order get most of the cricket world cup. This is the era of online world. And it is necessary for chanels to focus on online audience that can be really beneficial for them in many ways. Hotstar FOR MAC Download is a program which gets millions of views each month. During such viewing sessions, some ads pops up and creates a way for the company to get money via them. These ads are the main reason why the app is free.


Download Hotstar For PC Download

In this article, I’m going to Show how How To Download Hotstar Live App For PC. When I say “how to”, it means that it is a process, you cannot just download one file and install it. You have to do some more. But are we  doing this? Simply, because there is no official PC setup. Star has exclusively released this thing for portable devices like smartphones and tablets. They did that in order to to get high revenue. PC apps are generally free from ads and most of us does not like them as well. Whereas, smartphone ads are common and hotstar’s ones are not even annoying. That is the reason why they only announced the smartphone version. The monetization of this application is by adsense or admob, which is Google’s ad network. Whole Star team earns through it and they also sponsors for few times. This thing makes the app free for all and also generate good amount of revenue.

To run this, you will need to have an emulator. An emulator is a program that lets you run other platform’s stuffs into yours. You can use any emulator available online, but I’m going to let you know the best ones to use. You can use them right now in order to get the best results and best experience of using an application. Go ahead and download an emulator right now so that you can easily start using it from this very day only. I suggest you to go with my own best pick here.

Features of Hotstar For PC Download [Windows & MAC]

Hotstar Live app For PC has a very easy-to-use interface and even a kid can operate it very easily. It features a yellow color scheme, which is not only attractive but is also comfortable in low-light conditions. Because of such unique and great features, this application is far better than any other of its kind. If you have any sort of doubts in these features, you can comment down bellow and I’ll take care of that.

  • You can watch all sorts of movies using this application
  • It allows you to watch live streams of cricket and soccer matches.
  • More sports can be added by the company
  • there is a complete separate team behind the app which works daily in order to provide latest updates to the program.
  • It adjusts the quality on the basis of your network speed, so if the net is slow, it will lower the quality
  • lowering the quality of a particular video also lowers the data usage which makes things run better even in slow connections
  • After using it for a while, you will get familiar to it and there are no explaining needed for anyone to operate this application
  • Hotstar Live app For PC has a very easy-to-use interface and even a kid can operate it very easily.
  • What you need is just a bit of basic smartphone knowledge, no need of having any programming skills or any other thing like that
  • If you have a faster connection, it will automatically turn the quality high, so that there will be a great streaming experience
  • HD video streaming will be a very easy thing if you have a fast connection, because connections higher than 7.2 mbps can easily handle it
  • The app is officially monetized by the developer and display ads but in a good manner
  • That means there are ads, but are not annoying or forcing you in anyway
  • because of ads, this app is completely free and no matter whether you watch live TV or Movies, there are no charges for you for the entire life span
  • It features a black and yellow color scheme, which looks really great and works greatly
  • You cannot change that theme, but it is already good enough to keep it forever
  • Dark interface makes you use it in a a more proper way and is ideal for a dark situation
  • You will get frequent updates for it as there ais a very big team behind it working for it for 24 hours
  • Hotstar For PC comes in a 50 Mb apk and it is really hard to understand how they packed such a featured application within 50 MBs only.
  • After using it for a while, you will get some crash messages, but don’t worry and restart the app as it happens in low-spec phones, which can be prevented by clearing the ran and registry files that get stored on phone’s root by various programs installed in your smartphone
  • In case you are using this on your Tablet PC, make sure you turn the brightness high and also clean the ram to avoid crashes or any other kind of fluctuation that usually happens
  • You can directly download the apk and then run it on your PC for the best experience. Don’t do it now, firstly follow the method that I’m going to tell you, as without it you can’t open any apk file in your PC.

How To download it is the thing for which you came here ! Even after having sucha long-list of features, there is no official PC version of this guy, which is a really sad fact for all the PC users. In case you are wondering how to do that, just be with me and I will tell you the exact way to do that easily.

How To Download Hotstar For PC Without Bluestacks

There is a very trendy program known as emulator. It was developed for the developers who were lazy to test their apps on phones and other platforms. So, it was basically a way to test their products without getting away from their computers. This emulator concept soon became popular and reputed companies used it for testing applications and created new jobs through it. But soon, normal people also started using it to run ps2 and other platforms’ games on their computers. After a while, Android emulators took debut and Bluestacks became the most popular amongst the all due to its features and because having a free product. So, in this tutorial, we will also use an Android emulator so that, we can run the Android version of this application on PC. But the question is, which one to use. There are hundreds of android app players, but most of them are garbage and are of no use, like YouWave, which needs money to get and is not worth it in anyway. Bluestacks is also not that good as it is really slow and comes in an online installer, which is really boring and takes a while to download source files. So, in this article, I will be showing you how to do that using andy the android emulator, which is  a free emulator and even allows you to sign in using your Google id. While bluestacks not only slow but even shows error sometimes after using it for a while. In case you are using it on a low-spec PC, you may spot that graphics card error, that appears after a lot of usage. But thankfully, Andy is free from all those errors and is the fastest thing of its kind. You can expect a great Android Experience after downloading it.

Download Hotstar For PC Download

Here I’m listing all the steps that you need to Download Hotstar For PC without Bluestacks,. Just follow each and every step correctly and you will surely get Hotstar on PC. But in case, you any single step then it can create issues and won’t let the thing happen in a correct way. I had to stretch this article using the feature list, because I had no other option here in order to make this article more quality-having.

  • Download Andy the Android Emulator Offline
  • Install it by following all the steps that setup shows you
  • Open the emulator after the install and integrate your Google account with it
  • Now search For “Hotstar” and install it
  • After following all those steps correctly, you can now open it anytime you want

If you want to do Download Hotstar For Computer with bluestacks, then Download Bluestacks for MAC from here.

Download Hotstar For PC [With Bluestacks 2]

I initially decided of not mentioning this emulator here, but due to a new version of it, I may consider it doing. This emulator has clearly beaten everyone in the market with more than 85 million downloads and 1 Billion app plays each month. The stats looks mesmerizing and so the app is. It is basically, the most popular Android app player with the highest grade user support and technical assistance. You can easily get the emulator from the link I’m about to share here. Go ahead and have a full reading session in order to get the full idea about it. This is a kind of a thing that can let you run any sort of Android-based app/game in your Computer and MAX. So, in that way, even MAC users can run Hotstar app and other apps easily. Keep this in mind that running apps on PC gives you a lot of advantages. You will surely not like to run all your apps on your solid state computer, but still there are some that are needed to be there in your Computer device, but are not because there is no PC version of them.

In that case, it becomes really hard for many of us to deal with it. In office time, when you cannot use your phone, you can easily check your whatsapp messages in your Computer, So, in that way you can win over it. All you need to have is this emulator, that can run any of your app on PC. This is the offline version, or offline installer. So, you don’t have to worry about anything like slow download or like that. After getting it on your system, go ahead and install it. Installing it will literally create a menu inside your PC from where you can easily run Android Anytime you want. Just imagine, the usefulness of it. A portal inside your Computer, that lets you run Android apps and Games. You will be able to play all your favorite games and apps easily after getting this inside your Computer. Make sure to have proper system configurations, not much high but still a typical one is required. I often see people complaining about the Graphics card error in Bluestacks. That’s the fault of their Computers. You need to be updated with your time in order to get all those things running in your PC. Go ahead and download Hotsar for Windows 8 via Bluestacks.

Breaking NEWS : AIB Teams with Hotstar to Launch a New Web Talk Show !

AIB, which is a famous Indian YouTube Company has now officially declared that they have teamed up with Star to launch the very first web-news talk show of India. So, there you got another reason to download Hotstar For PC. Watch this trailer of On Air With AIB. You can watch the episodes now on Hotstar. There are many more web series coming out in the next few months.



So, that was a detailed tutorial on How you can download and use Hotstar For PC. If you have any doubt this whole thing then feel free to comment your queries down bellow. You can also let me know your email and we can talk in a separate are for solving any sort of issue you face while installing this. You can use any emulator for this, But I have realized that Andy works perfect for it and it runs in it like Charm. If you need some more guide in order to setup Hotstar in your Computer, Do let me know. Still there are few basics that must be shared.

How To use Hotstar for PC Download

This is not something worth to be called tricky in any sense. All the things are super-simple and straight forward. You can do that even if you do not have any basic knowledge regarding programming or anything like that. Go ahead and have a look over the homepage of this application and you will realize by your own that this something self-explanatory. Then also, in case you need some clarification regarding it, let me tell you a bot more. It has a clear and clean interface with black background. Dark color is chosen due to better text visibility, apparently. It features different sections for watching movies and TV Shows. Each of those categories can be accessed easily by clicking on them.


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