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Download Aadhaar Payment App And Pay Using Your Aadhar Card

Download Aadhar Payment App released By the Government. Here is a tutorial on how to pay using Aadhaar card. After reading this, you will be able buy real stuffs from the markets using your aadhar card only.Paying Via Aadhar card may sound like a far fetched dream, But its finally official and we now know that the government of India is really serious about the cashless economy.

Download Aadhaar Payment App And Pay Using Your Aadhar Card

“Aadhaar-enabled transactions are card-less and pin-less. This would enable Android phones users to digitally transact using their Aadhaar number and fingerprint/iris authentication,” said Ajay Pandey, director general of UIDAI.

Features of Aadhar Payment App

Using aadhar payment app download, You can easily pay to everyone  that has a compatible receiving system. It has a very clever motive behind it and all is planned by the government of India. To start using it, yo will need to know at least some of its key features. It will allow you to understand the application in a better way and you will use it in a Better way too.

  • To accept payments, merchants needs to register on the app using the aadhaar number. The registration needs to be authorised using the fingerprint of the merchant.
  • Now to accept any payment from the customer, the merchant needs to enter the customer details which include customer aadhar number, customer bank name, and amount to be paid by the customer.
  • An option to continue or to reject the payment will be provided. Once choosen to proceed, the payment needs to be authorised using the customer’s finger print.

SO, those were the key features of the aadhar card payment application. If you liked them, you will surely love the real thing more than it. Keep this in mind that this application is completely official, so you won’t have to worry about theft and things like that. The upcoming tutorial will clear all the doubts that you have currently.

Download Aadhar Card Payment App Apk and How To Use it

We talked enough about the features. Now, lets move on to the main thing and that is how to pay using Aadhar card. What you will need to do is that you have to follow each and every step that I’m about to list over here. It will allow you to get the basic concept of the application itself.

  1. Visit Google Play Store at from desktop or open the Play Store App on your android smartphone.
  2. In the search box on the top, search for “Aadhar Payment App” and install it
  3. Start using it

I hope you liked Aadhar Card payment application Download. If you did, then make sure to share this website with your friends and do let me know what else would you like to read here on this website. Keep this in mind that I do read all of the comments and you could potentially be responsible for the next content here.

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