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5 Supercool Geeky Products Available Online

A desire of being different is something that lies in the heart of every geek/weirdo. And if you are like me, you will love to have amazingly off-beat products with you that is different from what is standard. And I’m not talking about gadgets like smarthphones, cameras or smartwatches. But its more about our day-to-day use products. In this article, i’m going to show you 5 usual-still off-beat products that are available online in India. You can get them now buy clicking on the buy now link in them.

Camera Lens Coffee Mugs




For all photography-lovers and pretensions people (sorry !), this is something that can help you show off + keep u up at the same time. I personally use this and believe me, it feels as good as it looks in the picture. You can even take a picture with it and fake having a huge ass lens to others. I have showed it to a couple of people and not even a single one have been able to guess that its not an actual DSLR lens.


Coconut Zipper

Coconut Zipper with Pouch

You may have seen plenty of funny text coconutsĀ available online, but you probably never seen such a thing. Its a real coconut with a zip in the middle, allows to open and fill with things. Its a pretty cool thing and I genuinely don’t know any practical use of this apart from using it as a gift box.

Sleek Frother

sleek frother

Its a small Frother which can be used to mix sugar well in a glass or make a foamy cup of joe. The best thing about this is the price. Can you believe it ? Its ā‚¹112 ! But before buying it, read this actual review of a customer.

For the money we give, this device is OK. Its not a powerfull machine. It takes some time to get the foam. It runs on 2 AA battries and its not economical for regular use. This device can be best used for blending drinks such as mixing sugar in tea, coffee, protein drinks, mixing glucose in water. It helps to stir and dissolve them very easily and neatly. For foaming egg and all, this is not that great as it lacks power and efficiency.
The device is exactly as shown in the figure

Banana Umbrella

Banana Umbrella

This might not be the most durable rain guard, but still be used as a sun-blocker. Apart from that, its super cheap and looks sick. There is a plastic cover over it which is needed to be removed in order to be used.



Your photographer friend will love a camera cake. On the occasion of their birthday, gift them this 2kg of their favourite camera cake. There is nothing like replicating their passion on their special day. Available in four flavours- Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch and Pineapple.

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